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Altered States Paranormal Internet Radio is a bi-weekly podcast that focuses on guests who are out in the trenches and working to advance our understanding of the paranormal. Everything from Ghosts and Hauntings to UFOs, Cryptozoology to Shifts in Concsiousness, Quantum Physics to Religion. The idea is to spread as much information as possible regarding some of the work being done within the paranormal community at this time and share the results of this research.

Please contact us if you have suggestions regarding possible guests, questions for upcoming guests, news and media regarding the paranormal that you want to hear mentioned on our show, or anything else you can think of. We are a show by the people for the people and we want to make sure your voice is being heard!

So here we are, at the crossroads, looking into the void and witnessing the Altered States of reality... Join us!


Thomas Durant - Host / Co-Producer
Thomas Durant is an independent paranormal investigator currently based in southern CA. The primary focus of Thomas' research are a phenomenon known as "Shadow People" and Malevolent Spirit Cases / Demonology.

Currently, Thomas works as a consultant to various teams and researchers in hopes of sharing the knowledge he has gleaned to aid clients and teams in difficult situations as well as to help promote and advance the paranormal community at large.


David Harvey - Co-Producer
David has over 27 years experience in the museum and cultural preservation fields. His long current career as a professional museum, art, artifact, architecture, and sculpture conservator has led him to consult or restore everything from Ancient Egyptian artifacts to human remains.

David is an independent paranormal researcher, the founder of the paranormal science network, and the music director and field correspondent for Altered States Paranormal Radio.


Louis Gonzalez - Co-Host
Louis Gonzales is the director and founder of the Southern California Society for Paranormal Research. Louis has many years of investigation and research under him, reading any and all articles and books he could get his hands on in order to conduct more accurate investigations as well as to share his knowledge with the paranormal community.


Karen Rontowski - Field Correspondant
Comedian Karen Rontowski’s upbeat, optimistic and clean sense of humor has earned her headlining spots all over the world. She has also opened for such show biz legends as Bob Hope, Ray Charles and the Monkees. Often described as a “New Age Hippie” Rontowski says “there is no time like the present to be living in the past.”

Among her many passions, Tarot and the Paranormal have become a part of Karen's life, and her comedy routine. Karen shares her stories and unique sense of humor with us here at the Altered States Family.



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